Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Net

Looking around the net today i came across references to a couple of remixes i'd not heard of...if any one can track them down or has them, i'd be very intrested in them!

  • Lynden David Hall - Forgive Me (Artful Dodger Mix Feat. Craig David).mp3
  • Lynden David Hall - all you need is love (ultrasound 12 inch version).mp3
i'll obviously share them here when i come across them!

Intrestingly there is also a Gold Disc of The Other Side, up on Ebay for £80, anyone want to buy it for me?

1 comment:

Jordan said...

Not got either of those tunes im afraid,be interested to hear the craig david one though!

I dont suppose u've got the track he did with Me One, think it was called Introducing Her, it was a b-side on a Me One single. The other track im after is Up Against You, ive got it but in poor radio quality..youd dont know how i can get hold of these do you? Thanks

By the way, thanks for the blog and adding the footage, its great to know people are still remembering him.

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